About Mermaids + Madeleines


You know that feeling...?

Like when you meet someone and just instantly click and feel like you've been friends forever? That's exactly how selecting your jewelry should feel.

Jewelry that makes you feel happy will raise your vibe, and help you set your intention to have a good day! It's funny how such a little thing can change our attitude, how we handle things, and what we observe.

I hope Mermaids + Madeleines jewelry allows you to see the good and be the good, gives you a sense of calm like a walk by the ocean, and the courage to follow your dreams no matter how rough the seas may be!

Behind the brand:

I'm Heather, a born and raised Mainer living in Massachusetts with a slight addiction to iced coffee, a serious sweet tooth, and a playlist with a healthy amount of Britney Spears, *NSYNC, and BSB songs on it!
(inserts all the uncool laugh face emojis)

My passion is to create jewelry and art that you'll love.
For me, there's truly nothing better than sending you thoughtfully designed, special pieces for you to wear yourself, or to give to someone you care about.
I'm so grateful for your encouragement, support, and trust in this little brand we're building together- It wouldn't be possible without you!

Thank you,