Hey friend!!

Welcome to Mermaids + Madeleines!

I'm so happy you stopped by! Here you will find jewelry inspired by the color and light of the coast. I believe it's true what they say, "saltwater cures all," and creating each piece by hand with precious metals, freshwater pearls, and beautiful stones to encompass that same feeling of calm, comfort, and joy that's elicited from a day by the ocean is something I hope I'm able to share with you. If you keep finding yourself in the grind and blur of the day-to-day, these pieces are designed for you and your busy lifestyle and serve as a reminder to take a moment for your sunshine and salt air craving heart.

Hope you like what you SEA!

About the Maker:

I'm Heather, a native of Maine currently living life in Massachusetts. I've always enjoyed creating art. Whether it's drawing, painting, crafting, or designing jewelry, I'm happiest when I'm making something for someone else to enjoy. My mission is to create pieces you'll love, that bring you the same sense of calm and joy as a walk along the water.
I believe that small steps each day still make progress, that a positive mindset allows you to see more good in others, that what you put out in the world matters, and I believe in dessert first and that there's power in a good iced coffee- but what creative person isn't fueled by a little bit of caffeine and hope? :) Thank you so much for visiting me here, I hope you love what you sea!