Slowly Getting Out Of Snail Mode! A Mosey Into 2024!

Slowly Getting Out Of Snail Mode! A Mosey Into 2024!

Umm... So... Maybe you're the same?

Mermaids and Madeleines designer sitting in a wicker chair in the afternoon

Did you start the year with a bang or did you mosey into 2024 as well?

While this year seems as though it's started slowly - especially on the outside - It's been so helpful to take a moment to appreciate how exciting 2023 was thanks to you!


It was so challenging to stretch out of comfort zones, expand efficiency in design skills, work on better time management, and to try to cry a little less when fighting with technology (jk...kind of...) ;)


In 2024 I hope to bring you handmade gemstone jewelry that lifts your spirits! Bringing you thoughtfully created treasures that help you to find the positives, lessons, and silver linings in any situation, and most of all the joy and calm of the coast!

January may have moved at a snail's pace, but February?
She's coming in HOT!

I'm stealing a day away to visit the Tucson Gem Show in AZ - Wanna come with?
Follow along with me over on Instagram! 

I'll be sharing some behind the scenes and keeping you in the loop with pics and videos of finds from the market and would absolutely love to have your input!

You can find me on Instagram @mermaidsandmadeleines 

Thank you for being the biggest part of everything I'm doing here!




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