Fall Finds + Must-Haves

Fall Finds + Must-Haves

It's no secret that summer is the favorite season over here...

But... I will admit there's something so comforting about cozy sweaters, cinnamon scents, apple picking, and pumpkin spice!

Whether you're still clinging to summer, or already stylin' in your flannels, here's a list of some small businesses (in no particular order) with products or activities to love in these crisp air months ahead! 

Body Frost Sugar Scrubs:
Mermaids and madeleines fall guide list. A woman holding up a jar of body frost sugar scrubs

Body Frost Sugar Scrubs is just what your skin needs going into the cooler temps. With crisp days, chilly weather, and lack of humidity, the air gets dryer and so does your skin! Tracy makes all of these amazing products in small batches using moisturizing coconut oil, exfoliating natural sugars, and the scents options are all amazing! You can't go wrong!


Love Lissy Lou:
Mermaids and Madeleines fall guide. A woman holding up an iced coffee with a love lissy lou cozy

Your iced coffee has never been cozier!
Love Lissy Lou is a small business that has big launches that you'll want to set an alarm for! Lynn, the owner, designer, and cozy master, sources eye-catching fabrics that keeps your iced coffee cold, while keeping it looking extra cool! No more drippy cups or freezing hands! 


On the Road Again:
mermaids and madeleines fall guide. on the road tote bag sitting on a railing with lots of items in it

You tote-ally need this! With On the Road Again you can carry "all the things" with bags created from sustainable materials that can hold up to all of your day-to-day adventures! Mary, learned to sew from her mom and turned this skill into passion for making durable totes that keep remnant goods out of our landfills! Perfect for the beach, the office, travel, and beyond!


Tide and Isle Co.:

A cozy fall candle- but make it extra zen and non-toxic!
Enter Tide and Isle Co! These candles, pack the perfect amount of aromatic punch! As a trained chemist, Christine perfects her products ensuring that they not only beautifully smelling, but most importantly- safe! She also has gorgeous diffusers, matches, and essential oil rollers! 


The Felted Acorns:

Warm, fuzzy, wool meets whimsical creations with these easy to follow felting tutorials and kits. Isabel, the owner of The Felted Acorns, guides you step-by-step in making decorative acorns, woodland creatures, and textured artwork with her kits of naturally dyed wool! You can find kits in her shop, join one of her classes online, or if you're lucky and live close- you might be able to find one in-person!
(my mom and I went to one in Freeport last February)


Little Lavender Lobster:

A fellow designer, Little Lavender Lobster has a website full with beautiful accessories, prints, and apparel! Cute beanies and long sleeves are sure to add a little prep to your step this fall! Created with comfy, cozy materials and an iconic lobby, from hats to layering tops you'll make a statement with this nautical style!


Olde Newbury Farms:

While everything is turning shades of gold, and brown, make sure you keep your plate green! Olde Newbury Farms grows these veggie minis that are the perfect way to boost your immune system in a big way! Add them to smoothies, layer them on sandwiches, or sprinkle them on top of pizza! Each variety is packed with with loads of nutrients your system craves! Deliveries are every Tuesday if you, or someone you know lives in the North Shore area of MA!

Hooper's Orchard:
mermaids and madeleines fall guide . hoopers orchard picture of an apple cider slushie

Hooper's Orchard Ok... If you've never had an apple cider slushie before, then you need to google a place that makes them near you stat! If you're in Maine, or looking for a meandering fall drive in the country- this is your place! makes these treats so you can stay cool in a "fall way" while the days are still summery warm! Plus, they make the best jalapeño jelly ever! I spoke with the owner and for the holidays they're going to have spicy gift boxes ready to ship from their online shop! The jelly, "hellish-relish," and other goodies will be in this mix!

Hope you get to enjoy some of these small businesses this season! 

Happy Fall,


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