Build a Board - Elevated Party Snacking!

Build a Board - Elevated Party Snacking!

Make your app all the buzz at your next event!

If you're hosting a holiday party or bringing along an appetizer to one, a chacuterie array can be easy to toss together and so fun! To make sure guests don't get bored with your board you can add 1 or a few details that make all the difference! A mix of flavors and textures - including a few of my go-to's from local New England Businesses!

Curious? See more below!

Start with your surface! Make sure it's food safe and start stacking all the fun!
Layer your favorite cheeses, variety of crackers, maybe a pepperoni situation or 2, grapes, olives and then... the stand outs:

jammed with love. photo of 2 small jars of jam on a white surface with a basket in the background

Pump up the jams with "Jammed With Love!" 
Based in Plympton, MA, Christine was not only an awesome booth neighbor at the Rye Tavern Farmer's market this past summer but she's an incredibly talented flavor artist! Her jams and jellies are unique and not something you'll find on regular grocery store shelves! While all of them are worth sampling, my 2 faves for cheese and crackers are peach habanero, and "boston bar fight" (talk about a fun stocking stuffer too)

pretentious pickle co. photo of 3 of their products, sweet and spicy pickles, picked cranberries and candied jalapenos on a white surface with a little bit of a basket showing in the upper left corner

Add a Christmasy crunch with "The Pretentious Pickle Co.!"
Based in Pembroke, MA Lorraine and Christine absolutely kill it when it comes to all things pickling! While each item they have has its place and a perfect use- personally I love the sweet and spicy pickles, and pickled cranberries for a charcuterie board.. (you can also use them for cocktails + mocktails)... if you like things really spicy try the candied jalapeños! 

photo of 2 northeast honeycombs in their containers on a white surface with a basket in the background 2 containers of northeast honey honeycomb a light and dark one on a white surface face up with a basket in the background 

A BEEautiful detail with "Northeast Honey Company!"
Filled with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties honey is one of nature's healers and in this honeycomb form... it just so happens to be gorgeous too!
The honeycomb is edible, delicious, and the attention it gets will have you feeling like the queen bee! ;)

a photograph of 2 honeycombs packaged by northeast honey co. the honeycombs are stacked on top of each other and held up in a hand in front of a white background to show the different colors of honey

*Wondering about the different colors with the honeycomb?
The darker one is from the fall harvesting the lighter one is from the spring!

However you decide to celebrate the season, enjoy the time spent with good snacks and great company!

Happy Holidays!




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