Beep! Beep! We moved!

Beep! Beep! We moved!

To say it's been a wild start to the new year would be kind of an understatement over here.

While 2023 has had some challenging and sad times for our family recently, luckily, life is usually kind enough to sprinkle in a little bit of joy and excitement to get you through.

One of those major kickstarts to begin the year fresh was our move!

After almost 5 years in Dedham, we packed up and headed to the South Shore of Massachusetts! As I bet you probably know too, uprooting and unpacking while still trying to remain a participant in everyday life is a lot! I'm happy to have the Mermaids + Madeleines online boutique back open again and beyond grateful for your patience while we transitioned and got settled!


So grateful for this fresh start and new space to bring you even more designs inspired by salt air + sunshine in 2023! Doesn't this closet look like it was totally made for storing supplies and gift boxes? :)

Happy Weekend!



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