Be Happy Where You Are + Excited About Where You Can Grow!

Be Happy Where You Are + Excited About Where You Can Grow!

You guys!!

People Place and purpose with mermaids and madeleines interview podcast

I did something that was pretty terrifying... for me anyways...
I did a podcast!
Was it scary? Yes!
Did I stress about it for a week before and after? Yes!
Am I glad I did it and somehow survived? Also, very much, YES!

So, my aunt says, "every once in a while you need to do something that scares the bejesus out of you." I tend to agree... and for me, this was it!

Find happiness where you are, and excitement in where you can grow.

Huge thank you to Kate, of People, Place & Purpose for your patience and kindness and for the opportunity to step a little further out of the comfort zone! Grateful our paths crossed and for all of the amazing things you're doing for small businesses of all sizes and stages.

Thank you again,


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Visit her website and checkout my episode with Kate here:

People, Place & Purpose X Mermaids + Madeleines

people place and purpose small business podcast interview



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