A Quick Friendship + Fun With Flamingos!

Don't you love it when you you meet someone and you feel like instant friends?!

I met Gwendolyn at the New England Coastal Creatives Conference at the end of March. She was so welcoming, friendly, and easy to chat with! She's the owner and designer of Simply Chickie  and makes the cutest baby onesies and children's clothes created from the softest organic cotton you've ever touched!
We kept socializing after the event the modern way (through instagram likes and messages) and signed up for a day trip to Martha's Vineyard through NECC together! It was so nice having a familiar face aboard and having a buddy to explore the town of Oak Bluffs with! We took in the lovely sights with a walking tour, had a blast with all of our goodies at pop shops hosted by area boutiques, talked business, life, and discovered our shared fondness for one specific creature; Flamingos! Something about their bright, cheery colors, awkward elegance, and festive feathers- What's not to like?
Gwen creates onesies, bibs, and more featuring these fun flamingos! She even has this set which is perfect for any upcoming baby showers! If you're looking to complete your gift in theme, you can find my signature Flamingal greeting cards available as single cards or a pack of 5 here too!
As we wrapped up our adventure and headed back to shore, Gwen shared a little bit of fun trivia with me and I'm excited to now share it with you...
You've heard of a gaggle of geese, a flock of pigeons... do you know what a group of flamingos is called? A Flamboyance! Store this random trivia away for a cocktail party or a jeopardy question and think of us when you see these whimsical, bright pink birds!
Thank you for following along and supporting our small businesses!