5 Ways To Tell If Your Pearls Are Real

5 Ways To Tell If Your Pearls Are Real

Wondering if your pretty pearls are the real deal?

Pearls can be challenging gems to buy.

It's because there's such a huge variety of different kinds of pearls and if you're not sure of what you're purchasing, even some designers can be duped and unknowingly sell something that's imitation. Below are a few tried and true ways to discern a pearl is real:

#1 The Tooth Test:

It's kinda icky, but try not to think about it. This involves running the pearl along your front teeth, if it feels like there's resistance or a grittiness, kind of a little like sandpaper it's probably real, if it's smooth it's likely fake.

#2 Weight:

If you're holding a real strand of pearls in one hand and a fake strand of pearls in the other, the real pearls are usually much heavier.

#3 Shape:

Real pearls have even slight variation in shape and surface quality. Pearls are created in nature and not by machine, so there can be difference in surface texture and frequently, pearls aren't 100% perfectly round.

#4 Temperature:

Pearls are from the waters and they're cold to the touch. However they do warm up to your body's temperature after having them on for a bit. Faux pearls don't tend to be as cold as real pearls (usually hovering at room temp) and they can take much longer to adjust to your body's temperature when wearing them.

#5 Sunshine Test:

Finally, the sunshine test. Genuine pearls are like people, each one is unique! They also have a glowing radiance that can't be replicated by man-made creations. In bright sunlight you will notice real pearls aren't exactly the same color! You'll see very subtle differences in tonalities, some slightly cream, yellow and even pinks! Imitation pearls will all be exactly alike.

Hope you liked learning some of these tips and tricks of the trade! 
Enjoy your new hidden talent you pearl sleuth!

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