Mermaids and Madeleines seaside stretchy ring with freshwater coin pearl, sterling silver and amazonite beads held up in front of a hydrangea

Seaside stretch ring- amazonite, freshwater coin pearl and sterling silver

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All of these rings are fun and most importantly, they're comfy!

Info about this specific ring:
size: small/medium
stones: freshwater coin pearl, amazonite
metal: sterling silver
packaging: cotton logo pouch

The seaside stretch rings are vibrant, stylish, eye-catching and easy to wear!
Best of all, with the stretchy band sizing is so much easier!
No more worrying that your ring won't fit over you knuckle or that panic feeling when your fingers feel pinched if they swell a bit in the summer heat and the adrenaline that comes from not being able to remove it!

We like to keep jewelry stress-free around here!

Plus, one of these pretties is practically guaranteed to make your summer mani look 100% cuter! ;)


Not sure what size you need? no worries- use the guide below to choose your fit!
ring size 4-5.5 = size extra small
ring size 6-7.5 = size small/medium
ring size 8-10 = size medium/large