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Mermaids and Madeleines

Challenger Deep Kyanite Earrings - 14K Gold Filled

Challenger Deep Kyanite Earrings - 14K Gold Filled

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Like the deepest and darkest part of the ocean, these kyanite gems just as intriguing and fascinating with their mysterious rich blue tone.

With a faceted teardrop shape made for a real gemstone lover's heart, the beautiful stones are variations of medium and dark blue.

A traditional design with captivating elegance, these earrings are made for celebrating.

The interesting matrix within the kyanite gems makes them like an ocean kaleidoscope with different aspects to appreciate each time you look at them. Since these kyanite stones are naturally occurring, no two will ever be exactly alike. This ensures that each piece is specially created for the wearer and that earrings are paired more like sisters rather than twins.

The Challenger Deep Kyanite Earrings are 1" in length from the very top of the earring wire hook to the bottom of the kyanite briolette.

14k Gold Filled

The earrings come carded with description and materials and is thoughtfully placed in a teal, cotton-lined gift box.

Want to add to the look? There's a matching pendant also available in the "Tide Pool" Collection.

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*Each piece is made to order please expect shipping within 3-5 business days

Care Instructions

This piece has been carefully handmade with quality materials but like most jewelry, its meant to be treated in a thoughful way.

A Few Tips:

- Store your ring some place safe when you're not wearing it.

- It's recommended that you don't wear your ring into the water including showers, pools, lakes, and the ocean.

- Need to clean it? Use a very small amount of mild soap and a damp cloth to gently remove dirt or residue from the metals. Be gentle, and avoiding contact with stones and cord as this could damage them. Carefully wipe with a clean, damp cloth.

- Please be mindful of your activities while wearing any type of jewelry, not only for the preservation of the piece, but also for your personal safety.

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