Mermaids + Madeleines at the start

Mermaids + Madeleines at the start

The early beginnings of Mermaids + Madeleines were pretty simple. In fact, this little business started as a craft night and an idea at a friend’s kitchen table. Shout out to my super talented friend Dana! Each Thursday after work we would rotate who’s house we met at to catch up, enjoy friend time, and start working on our side hustles.


Each week we assigned ourselves homework, everything from picking out the name of the business, to locking off social media accounts, and starting to think about our brand as a whole, and encouraging each other to keep taking small steps forward. Team introvert over here so especially in the beginning, any kind of putting ourselves out there with our creations and brands was terrifying. We started to do some small local craft shows which forced us out of our kitchen comfort zone and into a public space and gave us practice speaking to others about our handmade goods.


From there we both launched our Etsy shops after lots of encouragement from each other and support from other makers (Hi, Alana of A & E Stoneworks). We’ve slowly been taking the tiny steps forward every day toward building a more creative future. Exploring other mediums, experimenting, and fostering a place for positivity, a love of all things coastal and community that wants to cheer each other on!


Thank you for being part of this creative voyage,




Ps. You can follow Dana on Instagram @DanaKristenCreates
and find her on Etsy here:

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