homemade lemon cupcakes with swirly piped frosting and candied lemon decoration. cupcakes are arranged on a transparent teal plate that is setting on a gray countertop

Lemon Cupcakes With Candied Lemon Detail!

Homemade lemon cupcakes with candied lemon decoration arranged on a teal blue tray on a grey countertop
A sunny style sweet to brighten up a cloudy day!
I shared a picture of these cupcakes that I baked for a family party over the weekend on social media and so many of you asked for the recipe!
Thanks to good ol' Pinterest, I'm happy to share the links I found with you!
For the fluffy lemon cupcakes I used this easy-to-follow recipe by Live, Love and Sugar. To make mine gluten-free I used this 1-to-1 gluten-free flour by Bobs Red Mill, and it actually baked pretty well!
*I would suggest that instead of filling the cups 3/4 full like you would with regular flour, fill it a little more than that with gluten-free since it doesn't rise up quite as much.
The candied lemon for decoration took a little bit of time, but wasn't too difficult. Just watch that hot sugar! Sheesh! This is the recipe that I used by Rose Bakes. She offers 2 suggestions for how to let the lemons set, and I chose to finish them off by baking rather than air dry because I needed them pretty quickly, I do think that using parchment paper was definitely key in making these easier!
As for the rest?
The teal tray was a Dollar Tree find.
I kind of like finding dishes or trays I can leave behind at events.
And the decorative cups were a random find at TJ Maxx!
While I prefer a beach stroll, I also don't mind a little decompress walk through a Home Goods or TJ Maxx... sometimes you can find treasures there, too!
Let me know if you make these!
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